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Our vision is to see an increase in medical screening availability worldwide. Raising awareness is the first step. Functional vision evaluations can help detect vision problems early and give medical teams an opportunity to change lives forever. The opportunity to create second chances has never been greater.

We arent going to pass it up!

The Handy Eye Chart was developed because of the increasing need for vision screening tools, specifically targeting difficult-to-test populations. The Handy Eye Chart is minimally dependent on recognition of letters and symbols and the test can be administered non-verbally across any language. For anyone struggling with their eye-sight, we believe this tool will help create a brighter future.

The Handy Eye Chart movement has spread from teachers, to doctors' offices and to global vision research institutions. Validated by Emory University, the Handy Eye Chart is changing the landscape of vision screening. The chart is easy to administer, even easier to take, and offers medical staff a clearer picture of what is going on in the eyes of their patients. Click to be a part of the movement!